Tabula Rosa Updated to Version 1.0.4

by Apr 20, 2011WordPress

Tabula Rosa has been updated to version 1.0.4, featuring several minor changes, including those to become fully compliant with the WordPress Theme Directory Standards. You can download the newest version, by visiting the theme page page.


  1. Aleksey

    Thanks for the cool template! I decided to use it on my site.

  2. Johnny

    Thanks for you template, very nice minimalist

  3. Twitch

    Tabula Rosa is great, thank you!

    There is a problem with the styling of the homepage as compared to that of subpages. You’ll note that #left-col jumps to the left about 10px when you open either of the posts under “Recent Posts.” I’ve been going nuts trying to troubleshoot it on my own site. Any ideas?

    • leonewball

      I got that problem fixed in the most recent release 1.0.5

  4. Aleksey

    Hi, Leo! Thank you for your creativity! I’m sure you’ll be successful developer! What about my proposal to create a theme for WordPress supports only static pages? ;)

    • leonewball

      Hi Aleksey, thanks for the comment. As mentioned via e-mail; there are several in the work projects that may fit the needs that you have requested, there are other items, projects, and work that supersede the request. My current timeline does include the idea, but it doesn’t have a release date that isn’t “soon” or “in the future.”

      However, any WordPress theme can support only static pages. Tabula Rosa can be used without the need of posts, and work only with static pages, while maintaining its features. It’s how this website is organized; if you notice the front page, and sections (portfolio, projects, contact, etc) pages are all static. The only non static pages are these posts, which aren’t the basis of the website.

      • Aleksey

        Okay, Leo. I bought a clever little book and myself trying to create a template that I want to get.
        If you do not mind, I would later send the code that I write. And you as an expert look at it. I designed the code with comments and pictures. If you are of course no trouble to check my code? :)
        I wish you success in your work!


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