Web Design & Development

Designing & Developing Complete Solutions For Your Project

Website Design

The website design process is often described as the visual building of a website. However, there’s a lot more to the design process than just graphics and colors. I view website design as the “experience” of your website. It’s mapping out and envisioning what happens when your visitors land on your site. Are they going to be able to listen to your music or podcast, view your art, or see a demo of your product? How are visitors going to navigate through your site to reach the important highlights of your project? Most importantly, how do all of those things match with your branding and style or even adjusting what you are using currently?

My design process incorporates all of these aspects and others specific to your project to design a complete solution. It involves ensuring that whatever is created has been designed for the most optimal use to reach your target audience.

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Services Include

  • Website Design Concept and Mockup
  • UI / UX Design
  • Graphic Optimization
  • Website and Web Brand Strategy
  • Style Guide Development
  • Front-End Design

Website Development

The development process is a code-heavy endeavor. However, the real focus is building and incorporating solutions tailored to the project. If a project requires specialized hosting, needs to be run on a CMS such as WordPress or Shopify, or needs services such as credit card processing, this is where those parts are incorporated. The development processes also incorporate seamlessly with the design process, ensuring that your website can be viewed on all devices, easily accessible, and optimized for the modern web and their browsers.

My development process walks you through the solutions that are being used, incorporates them in one package, allowing you to focus on the tasks of getting things accomplished, instead of having to have to learn how to run a website.

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Services Include

  • Web Application Development
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Development
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Backend Development
  • Custom CMS Solutions

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