Website Audit & Optimization

Understanding and Optimizing Your Websites Performance

Website Audit

How well is your website performing? Are the problems you’re having related to the components, plugins, or third-party services you’re using? Are there better solutions for what you’re currently using? Is your website configured to perform optimally? These are versions of the same questions I’m often asked by those seeking help with their website. The best way to answer them is to perform a website audit. This helps in understanding how well your website is performing and where improvements can be made. There are two general types of audits. Most audits focus on SEO, website speeds while others focus on deep optimization. These are great introductory tools in understanding how your website performs but often lead to additional questions.

Website performance can be hindered by your hosting platform, your website server configuration, and for WordPress users, excess plugins and extraneous code that most, basic website audits do not investigate. An in-depth audit, which often requires more information than just a domain name, can find performance issues specific to your current configuration and provide in-depth solutions to your problems.

I can provide a free Basic Audit, which looks at your domain and provides a general overview of your website and performance. An In-Depth Audit looks at your entire platform and configuration focusing on deep solutions to your performance challenges.

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Basic Audit

  • Performance Results
  • General Design Analysis
  • Performance Score Result
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In-Depth Audit

  • Performance Results
  • Platform Analysis
  • In-Depth Design Analysis
  • Google Page Speed Score
  • Broken Link and Website Error Checker
  • WordPress Plugin & Third-Party Analysis

Website Optimization

Website optimization is a catch-all term to describe techniques that will improve the performance of a website. It includes: Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) to helps improve your visibility on search engines, improving your website’s speed and performance, modernizing your website’s code, and implementing systems to track your website’s performance across multiple vectors, and understanding how visitors are reaching your website.

There’s no magic pill to website optimization as each site requires different solutions to improve its performance and SEO. Let me work with you to develop a plan to implement the techniques that will improve your website.

Let’s see how I can optimize your website!