Website Maintenance & Support

The tasks in maintaining a website can get in the way of running your day-to-day tasks. There’s a lot to consider, such as ensuring new content is placed appropriately, new features operate as intended, performing website application updates, and performing security checks, updates, and backups. Having someone on your side to ensure that your website runs optimally can allow you to focus on the tasks of running your website while allowing you to maintain full control.

Maintenance includes many different tasks, some are technical, such as monitoring your website to ensure it doesn’t go offline and preventing security attacks, to those that are more content-driven such as updating design elements and adjusting graphics.

Support is about placing your website in the best possible position to perform optimally. This includes having your website on servers that perform the best with your content and having all of the services needed to run your project operational, fixing bugs and issues as they arise, and having someone set up, oversee and work with you through the technical details so that you can rest easy.

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Services Include

  • Website Monitoring
  • Bug Fixes
  • Security Updates
  • Website Hosting & Regular Backup
  • E-Mail Hosting
  • Third-Party Service Management

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