Who Is Leo?

Photo of Leo Newball, Jr.

I started building websites in 1995, when domain names cost just $35 and everyone’s favorite search engine was Yahoo!. 15 years later and couple executive positions jobs later, I now use my development, design, and data skills to create dynamic websites for a wide variety of clients in fields like film, non-profits, and corporations. My current favorite platforms and languages are HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.

I’m passionate about what I do, and I believe life is too short to work on anything but the best projects. Let’s build something awesome!


Build and launch your website

Problem: You need a website. Solution: me. I can handle everything for you, including:

  • Set up: establishing a domain name, hosting service, and site structure
  • Development: developing a website based on your concepts, ideas and designs
  • Design: make your site beautiful
  • Customization: programming your site to do exactly what you need it to do
  • Training: making sure you can update the site long after I’m gone (all clients receive a free private tutorial)

Give your existing site a makeover

Whether your site needs a total overhaul or just a few tweaks, I can optimize it by:

  • Developing an SEO strategy: helping you show up higher in Google search results/help Google find you
  • Adding functionality. adding features on your website to help you conduct business, from adding a simple contact form to setting up a payment portal to creating a system for managing and tracking members of your site
  • Streamlining/optimizing the content on your site so it loads faster

Hit me up for a free 15-minute consultation and we’ll talk about what you need.