I’m an independent full-stack web developer, designer, and data scientist. I believe solutions should be developed to enhance the lives of those using them, complex tools should be designed instinctively, and data can provide answers to intricate problems.

My career started in 1995, when domain names cost just $35 and everyone’s favorite search engine was Yahoo! As the web has evolved, so have I, continuing to learn and develop throughout the years. With over two decades of experience, there aren’t many problems I haven’t encountered before. I utilize industry-leading tools and familiar with most of the popular web solutions. My mission is to provide a personal approach and solutions specific to your needs.

So, What Can I Do For You?

I provide a wide range of services. From building a website, to simply getting advice on tools needed for your website, I can provide a solution best fit for your needs. If I can help you, feel free to reach out and contact me! I’ll be happy to respond.

Any Additional Information?

I can be found on several social media platforms (take a gander at the bottom of the site). I’m based out of my hometown Brooklyn, NY. I’m also an avid New York sports fan, an animal lover, and a music fan.

Photo of Leo Newball, Jr.

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