Tabula Rosa - a sliding, minimal WordPress theme

Description: A black and white, minimal, 2 column theme, with a fixed menu and header, even when the page scrolls. Includes jQuery powered features such as a sliding vertical sub-menu’s and lightbox galleries. The theme also features:

  • Vertical Hover Dropdown menu, menu sub items slide down when mouse hovers over them.
  • Widgets slide open and close when clicked on. All widgets start closed.
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Integrated Search Bar
  • SEO Formatted page titles
  • Customizable Menu & Widgetized Sidebar
  • Lightbox Galleries

Get The Theme:

Common Questions

Is There an Option to Allow The Header and Sidebar Scroll With the Rest of The Page?

No, both the header and sidebar are fixed in their position. Someone with CSS knowledge could change their orientation by playing with CSS files, but this isn’t supported or recommended.

How Do I Use The Lightbox Galleries?

Note: Since version 1.0, Galleries are automatically lightboxed. In previous versions of this theme, lightboxing required the use of a lightbox template, which has been removed.

Tabula Rosa, comes with a page template, designed for lightbox galleries. It is powered by Cool Box and jQuery. To activate, create a new page, and select the “Page – Lightbox” from the Template Pull down on the Page Attributes section. Here, insert a gallery or use a gallery short code, and images will automatically be lighboxed.

Change Log

1.0.6 – 05/08/11

  • Fixed: Overflow problems, with floating elements in the post content, interfering with the comment section
  • Fixed: Attachment’s did not display properly, in popups
  • Corrected: Spelling in changelog (spell-check can be my friend!)

1.0.5 – 05/07/11

  • Code Cleanup from previous version, CSS standardization
  • Fixed: Formatting issue where posts and pages were moved 10 pixels to the right and 5 pixels down (Thanks to Vendant for pointing this out)
  • Fixed: Placement of reply and edit links in comments
  • Removed: Support for IE 6

1.0.4 – 04/20/11

  • Fixed: Search Error with Galleries
  • Added: Increased white spacing between posts to provide better readability

1.0.3 – 04/20/11

  • Fixed: Minor WordPress Theme Standardization Issues
  • Fixed: Excerpt Design

1.0.2 – 04/06/11

  • Fixed: Conflict with the WordTwit plugin, while creating a new post

1.0.1 -04/05/11

  • Fixed: Problem with Archives, Categories, and Search pages

1.0 First Release – 04/05/11

  • Added: Post formatting, as included by WordPress 3.1. Supports all 9 post formats.
  • Added: Deeper support to threaded comments
  • Added: Post-thumbnail support
  • Change: MAJOR changed to lightboxing. Special page template no longer required. Works for all gallery items. Includes ligboxing for pages and images
  • Added (Technical): Added attachment.php for file attachment, specific pages
  • Added (Technical): Changes to the way the loop is accessed.
  • Change (Technical): HTML Code Cleanup
  • Change (Design): Moved some design elements around
  • Change (Design/Technical): Further aligned theme with WordPress theme standards

.6.1 Gold Master – 01/28/11

  • Fixed an image overflow problem.

.6 Gold Master – 01/18/11

  • Aligned theme with WordPress Theme Standards
  • Tweaked Search Form formatting in header and sidebar; revamped formatting for search errors
  • Tweaked Page Error formatting
  • Changed the way JavaScript is called

.5 Release Candidate 3 – 01/11/11

  • New Feature: A “no title” version of the page template, aimed for those who wish static front pages without a page title. Removed frontpage.php in for this feature.
  • New Feature: A lightbox powered page template, aimed specifically for those who use galleries on their pages. Uses the Fancybox jQuery add-on
  • Fixed: changelog dates. Time traveling was occurring during development.
  • Fixed: Page titles, were not properly formatted.
  • Change: Formatting of release notes. Only including most recent revision of notes. Full notes available on theme page:

.4.1 Release Candidate 2 – 01/07/11

  • Fixed a problem with the handling of static front pages
  • Fixed a major design error in the header
  • Minor Design Fixes
    • CSS Style: Min-height to right-column
    • Added additional menu spacing
  • Added frontpage.php to the theme; made for a to be added feature
  • Fixed home_url implementation (note: completely my fault for not reading)

.4 Release Candidate 2 – 01/07/11

  • Fixed errors detailed from WordPress Theme Submission Check
  • Pushed back some additional features for the 1.0 release (either the next release or the release afterwards)
  • Redesigned Comment Responses
  • Minor modification to posts
  • Removed “Links” Page Template (slated for the 1.0 release instead)

.3 Release Candidate – 12/30/10

  • Code Cleanup
  • Added some paginating items (fun!)

.2 Beta – 12/25/10

  • Code cleaned, base featured included
  • Tested in IE 8, FF 3.6, Chrome 8

.1 Framework

  • The creation of the theme. Branched from the next LVL