Rachael Gardner, a New York City based artist, needed a new website to manage her content and prominently display her portfolio. She wanted to be able to organize her portfolio by their subject type, along with adding important information about each piece (such as size, dimension and the medium used to create it).

To achieve her goals, WordPress was the solution chosen. Using it’s ability to create custom post-types, taxonomies and tags, the backbone of the website was created. A custom post-type and taxonomy was created to organize her content. The theme integrated the ability to add and display a description of each “series” for visitors to read about each segment of her portfolio.

To add specific information about each artwork, custom fields were also added to the custom post-type, that allowed her to add specific information about each item, and theme logic to hide any information that was not placed.

The theme requested was a simple black/white theme that put an emphasis on the content, instead of the glamor of the website. It was designed and created with that thought in mind. Specific design components such as font-styles, sizes, and navigation were presented leading to the final theme design.